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Sean Philpott-Jones: What's The Matter With Indiana?

Apr 9, 2015

With all of the hoopla over Indiana's recent enactment of its Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a poorly-written law that gives businesses and individuals broad license to discriminate against members of the lesiban, gay, bisexual and transgender community, another travesty unfolding in that state has gone overlooked. Specifically, Indiana is experiencing the largest outbreak of HIV in the Hoosier State's history, an epidemic sparked in part by partisan politics.

Keith Strudler: Blame The Refs

Apr 8, 2015

You can make several superlative claims about Monday night’s men’s NCAA Division I basketball title game, where Duke defeated Wisconsin, and the entirety of this year’s men’s Final Four, which saw the end of Kentucky’s undefeated season. For example, it was one of the most intensely played series in recent memory, at times resembling a football game more than the game Naismith envisioned. It was also one of the youngest, at least for Duke and Kentucky, which were constructed primarily of first-year players headed straight for the NBA, or one-and-done as the common pejorative vernacular goes. And it was one of the most competitive events in recent times, with two of the three games essentially a toss-up.

After weeks of wrangling, a framework for a nuclear agreement with Iran was reached, albeit the details still must be worked on.  As expected, President Obama ‘guaranteed” this “historic” deal – please don’t call it a treaty – “would cut off every path to Iran developing the bomb.”  While one could surely appreciate the president’s enthusiasm since this is regarded as his legacy, it would seem that the president did not read the fine print.

Stephen Gottlieb: Prosecuting The Prosecutor

Apr 7, 2015

Here’s a news flash from the Innocence Project that left me both cheering and in tears:

The Texas State Bar filed a formal accusation of misconduct against the prosecutor in the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in 2004 for the arson murder of his three young daughters. The bar accuses the former prosecutor, John H. Jackson, of obstruction of justice, making false statements and concealing evidence favorable to Willingham's defense, according to a disciplinary petition filed in Navarro County District Court this month.[1]

Since this commentary was aired, nearly a year ago, last June, the hoodlums in ‘The People: Yes’ poems of Carl Sandburg, have become emboldened.  The House-Divided, that Lincoln warned against, has become an American sanctuary…, a refuge for rowdies.  A hooligan hierarchy has infested it, while hard-pressed defenders of freedom waffle over how and when to do what they know they must.  This pundit’s re-edited update is offered, now, in the ardent hope that it might help.

Blair Horner: Flawed Budget And Ethics Deals

Apr 6, 2015

The big news last week was the passage of the new state budget.  As has happened all-too-often, the budget was the product of horse trading and negotiations conducted in secret.  That’s right, despite the fact that it’s your money, Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers agreed to a $142 billion state budget and approved it in a way that meant that New Yorkers only found out the details after the fact.

Holidays With Family

Apr 5, 2015

Take any holiday morning…and the Quinn-Rowe family is dressed to the nines. My mother is wearing her “holiday diamonds” and is emulating a Jackie O. style. Freshly showered and finally smelling like something other than last night’s Fireball shots, my brothers are dapper alongside one another in their button-downs and loafers. Kevin, my stepfather, is hurrying us all along in his pressed suit as I rush to the car in my 6-inch high heels and “church wear.”

When Hillary Clinton ran for President in 2008, she lost the nomination to Barack Obama because she had voted for the Iraq War and he had made a speech against it.   Should Secretary Clinton declare her candidacy for the Presidency, I am wondering if her vote in favor of the bank bailout in 2008 will come back to haunt her in a similar way.

Autism Awareness Begins At Home

Apr 2, 2015

Every summer my family takes a road trip to New York City for just a few hours. This trip is to bring my younger brother, Ben, down to a bus stop where he, and about one hundred other kids, pack in together and then drive to a camp in Utica. There, he’ll spend seven weeks working, camping, learning and living with other adolescents and kids, who have been diagnosed with different levels of autism.

Herbert London: The Aftermath Of Netanyahu’s Victory

Apr 1, 2015

The champagne bottles in the White House remain unopened. Despite the vigorous efforts of the Obama team to unseat Netanyahu in the recent Israeli elections, he prevailed. President Obama made clear his vitriolic sentiments towards Bibi Netanyahu are undiminished.