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Polls have found that more than 3 American men in 10 would rape or coerce a woman into sexual intercourse if they could get away with it.[1] Those findings have mostly been discussed only in conjunction with the issue of rape. But I think it has a broader meaning. I think it means that there is a proportion of people who will take advantage of defenseless others for their own benefit when they think that they can.

Where does Hillary Clinton stand on the various issues related to Social Security?    Does she agree with former President Bush that Social Security is going bankrupt or with former Texas Governor Rick Perry that it is a “Ponzi scheme”?   [I have commented on this issue before but just to re-iterate – a Ponzi scheme is a situation where a fraudster sells future profits of an organization that actually has no revenue stream other than the “income” from selling share to the next round of buyers.   In other words, I sell you something for $1000 and promise a 20% return.  The only way I get that money to you is to sell two other people something for $1000.  Now I have $2000 and I give you $1200 and keep the $800 for myself.   Then I have to find four people to sell “shares” for $1000 each, give, the two new people $2400 and keep the $1600 for myself.  It works until I run out of people to sell to or until someone figures out that there’s no way my organization is truly “earning” the money I claim.   Social Security is nothing like that.  It has a guaranteed revenue stream from the payroll tax.]


May 1, 2015

In the first week in June, we will resume the business of trying to keep our station alive. Ray and I will hit the microphones at 6 in the morning and each and every person will make a personal decision of principle and conscience. Each of us will decide what it is that we treasure about our radio station. There will be those who say, “Let someone else do it” and there will be thousands who recognize that they truly care for the station and what it stands for: free speech, freedom of opinion, courage, empathy, understanding and sharing. Some people will look for reasons not to give, even though it is clear from their letters and communications that they are listening all the time. 

Bill Owens: Drought Versus Abundance

Apr 30, 2015

News stories over the past several weeks have raised awareness of extremely serious drought over the southwestern United States; with particularly dire forecasts for California.  NASA scientists and other experts predict that the condition will persist over decades, and that larger sections of the country will be affected. The northeast, however, will also likely experience more moisture.  Hopefully, it won’t all fall as snow along the northeast coast!

Herbert London: The Sunni Coalition

Apr 29, 2015

It was merely a question of time before Sunni brethren struck back. The recent attacks in Yemen by the Saudi airforce in conjunction with Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Bakrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey and Sudan were united in delivering message with devastating clarity to Iran. The presumptive target? Houthi militants that overran the government with the active involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. In forging this joint Sunni military force the Saudis were saying there will be systematic opposition to the Iranian plan for hegemonic status in the region. Yemen’s fall was the final straw.

Carl Sandburgh, the great American pundit/poet and Lincoln biographer coined a phrase: “The past is a bucket of ashes,” which came to mind on reading of Marco Rubio’s decision, to run for the U.S. Presidency, in the next national election, in 2016.  As the New York Times noted, Rubio stressed his youth, with a verbal swipe at “leaders of the past,” and declared generational war, which is the last thing our nation needs, at this crucial moment in its all-too-tenuous-history, as a people’s democracy.  If ill-will and insult are the sum of the character medicines we can bring to bear on the growing virus of our disunity, then our future as an exemplar of its opposite is in serious question.  It also lends little caustic comfort to admit that our own lack of persistence has added more heft to its impetus.  The most immediate effect of this appears to be a small stampede by self-certified savants, quick to avert any hint of evidence that Rubio’s rush to impertinence against elders might reveal his latent lack of confidence in traits, still tinged with smart-aleck snippets of adolescent angst.

April 22 was the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.  Earth Day has been a way to focus public consciousness about air and water pollution.  This year’s Earth Day focused on the need for actions to curb the growing public threats resulting from climate change.

Karen Magee: In It For The Long Haul

Apr 23, 2015

How many times have we heard that old cliché: It’s a marathon, not a sprint?

Herbert London: Perception Is Strong, Sight Is Weak

Apr 22, 2015

For the cognoscenti, seeing is believing; what eyes see must be true. But recent events suggest vision is often flawed. In many cases believing is seeing; the mind casts a vision of what it wants to see. Reality becomes what one’s ideology shapes. Clearly events in Ferguson and the University of Virginia reinforce this assessment.

Blair Horner: Lawmakers Return To Albany

Apr 20, 2015

This week lawmakers return to the Capitol to begin the second half, the non-budgetary, part of the 2015 legislative session.  The second half of session likely will be dominated by a handful of issues, including some that dropped off the table during budget negotiations.