Common Core

New York Lawmakers Urge Common Core Delay

Feb 4, 2014

The leaders of the New York State legislature are urging the State Board of Regents to delay the effects of the new federal Common Core standards for at least another two years.

National Council on Teacher Equality

A new report from a national advocacy group gives New York improved grades for policies that support effective teaching.

The Washington, D.C.-based National Council on Teacher Quality has released its seventh annual State Teacher Policy Yearbook, which includes a 360-degree analysis of every state law, rule and regulation that shapes the effectiveness of the teaching profession in New York.

  The New York State Education Commissioner testified at a legislative budget hearing, where he once again heard complaints from concerned lawmakers on the fast track adoption of the new national Common Core standards.

Lawmakers, calling the roll out of Common Core  a “nightmare” and a “mistake,"  grilled  State Education Commissioner John King and asked for more time for the adoption of the new federal standards.

There’s continued dissatisfaction over the state’s implementation of the new Common Core standards, which parents, students and teachers have complained has led to too much testing. There’s disagreement, though, in the state legislature over how to fix it.

Richard Iannuzzi: As to Babies and Bathwater

Dec 19, 2013

Tales from medieval times tell us that water was stored in barrels for bathing.  The male head of the household — most likely a farmer or tradesman — would bathe first.  He would be followed by his wife and their many children, in order of their birth.


Today is a nationwide “Day of Action” around issues plaguing public education. Teachers, parents, union leaders and even some school superintendents and board members in New York are clothed in blue to show their concern for what they see as an overemphasis on testing, an under-emphasis on state education funding, and inequitable spending between districts.

Education advocates in New York State have a full plate going into the next legislative session. Students in the United States ranked 36th among nations in mathematics, reading and science, according to the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment. The test, given to half a million 15- and 16-year-olds worldwide every three years, is regarded as a leading survey of education systems a snapshot of the global state of education.  Young people in Shanghai scored highest of all tested.

Cuomo Appears To Distance Himself From Common Core

Nov 22, 2013

Is New York Governor Cuomo backing away from his support for the new Common Core curriculum in schools?  In recent days, Cuomo seems to have cooled from his initial endorsement of the rapid transition to the adoption of the national education standards.

WAMC/Pat Bradley

The North Country Alliance for Public Education recently hosted a forum on standardized tests on the Plattsburgh State campus to discuss the controversial Common Core requirements and the impact of testing on students, teachers and parents. The forum was held just days ahead of state education Commissioner John King’s visit to Plattsburgh tonight.

Common Core is a set of nationally developed standards adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia, designed to align grade level cirricula across the states. It was adopted in New York, in part, to secure Race to the Top federal education funding. On Wednesday evening, state Commissioner of Education John King was in Plattsburgh, accompanied by Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch, for a panel discussion on Common Core.