Connecticut gun control

This is a picture of Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy

The Center for American Progress has outlined a series of non-legislative actions it says states can take to curb gun violence. Meanwhile, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy intends to sign an executive order to stop people on government watch lists from buying guns.

This is a picture of Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy

While debate continues on the issue in Congress, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy wants to stop people on government watch lists from being able to buy guns.


A federal appeals court has upheld key provisions of New York and Connecticut laws banning possession of semi-automatic assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Several Republican state lawmakers say Connecticut should extend the looming deadline for when people have to register certain weapons and ammunition magazines under a new law.

Rep. Rob Sampson of Wolcott said lawful gun owners are trying to follow the law, enacted in response to last year's mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But he said certain parts of the law are "vague and extremely subjective."

Laws, rumors have ammo flying off store shelves

Apr 5, 2013
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Connecticut gun enthusiasts fearful of new weapon controls and hearing false rumors of government hoarding are buying bullets practically by the bushel.

The demand is making it hard for gun stores to keep shelves stocked and even putting a pinch on some local law enforcement departments.

The run started in November with President Barack Obama's re-election, followed by the shooting in December of children in Newtown, Conn. That massacre led the president to launch an effort to strengthen federal gun controls and several states to tighten laws.