Photo of prison guard tower
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Almost exactly six months after two convicted murderers broke out of prison in far northern New York, the state Assembly Standing Committee on Correction held a hearing in Albany today to review the oversight of the corrections.

A Federal judge has ordered the Massachusetts Department of Correction to provide a sex change operation for a convicted murderer suffering from gender identity disorder. WAMC’s Berkshire Bureau Chief Lucas Willard reports…

Albany, NY – NPR commentator John Ridley's commentary about Dr. Laura Schlessinger failed to air at 5:21 AM. The story aired in full at 7:21AM and is available online here...


Albany, NY – On Tuesday, August 17th, WAMC aired a report titled Panel Releases Hudson River Dredge Report. In the report, Capitol District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas claims "GE's dumping, most of which was done without permits, occurred from 1946 until 1977, when PCB use was banned."

Albany, NY – Michael from New Windsor says:
A chap book is a small pamphlet - usually used to publish poetry. Bukowski got his start with Chaps of his published magazine poetry.

We looked into it further, and found the Merriam-Webster definition:
Etymology: chapman + book
Date: 1798
: a small book containing ballads, poems, tales, or tracts

Albany, NY – We apologize for the technical glitch that interrupted the live broadcast of the Boston Symphony Orchestra concert from Tanglewood. We are taking steps to ensure that interruptions like this will not happen again.