The Roundtable
10:10 am
Mon March 2, 2015

Tough Decisions Inside The White House From Truman To Obama

  Every American president, when faced with a crisis, longs to take bold and decisive action. When American lives or vital interests are at stake, the public—and especially the news media and political opponents—expect aggressive leadership. But, contrary to the dramatizations of Hollywood, rarely does a president have that option.

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The Roundtable
11:33 am
Thu February 12, 2015

'Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis In Europe' By George Friedman

  The modern-day European Union was crafted in large part to minimize built-in geopolitical tensions that historically have torn it apart.

As George Friedman demonstrates in Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis In Europe, with a mix of rich history and cultural analysis, that design is failing.

The Roundtable
11:35 am
Thu September 25, 2014

'Equivocation' At Rhinebeck Theatre Society


  What happens when England’s dirtiest politician hires Shakespeare as his spin doctor?

Equivocation – a play by Bill Cain uses the English 17th century Gunpowder plot as a vehicle to demonstrate how politicians generate fear and create divisions to advance their own interests during times of crisis. Rhinebeck Theatre Society will present Equivocation for a two week run beginning on October 3rd.

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The Roundtable
10:35 am
Mon April 22, 2013

"The Lawyer Bubble" by Steven Harper

    According to lawyer, Steven Harper, a noble profession is facing its defining moment. From law schools to the prestigious firms that represent the pinnacle of a legal career, a crisis is unfolding.

Harper joins us to talk about The Lawyer Bubble: A Profession in Crisis .