Dean Skelos

Karen DeWitt

Ex-New York state Senate majority leader Dean Skelos and his son are seeking a new trial six weeks after they were convicted of federal corruption charges. 

Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky travels to Israel on solidarity mission.


The Nassau Democratic Committee has unanimously endorsed state Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky to run for the seat vacated by convicted ex-New York Senate Leader Dean Skelos.

Karen DeWitt

The second legislative leader to be convicted of corruption has now filed his retirement papers, and is eligible for an annual pension that could nearly reach six figures.

Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

2015 saw the fall of two of the three most powerful people in state government, and the rise of one U.S. Attorney. 

WAMC's political observer Dr. Alan Chartock speaks with WAMC's Brian Shields about the verdict Friday afternoon in the federal corruption trial of Dean Skelos, the former New York state Senate Majority Leader, and his adult son, Adam.

Dean, Adam Skelos Found Guilty In Corruption Trial

Dec 11, 2015
Karen DeWitt

The second of the New York State legislature’s two former leaders has now been convicted on multiple corruption charges, after a jury wasted no time finding former Senate Leader Dean Skelos and son Adam guilty on all eight counts Friday.

Karen DeWitt

  Audio recordings released by the U.S. Attorney’s office at the corruption trial of Senator Dean Skelos aim to show that the Senate Leader and his son colluded to use Skelo’s official position to help his son get employment, in what turned out to be a succession of no show jobs. But the recordings paint a revealing picture about how Albany really works behind the scenes.

Despite Trials, Little Talk Of Reform In Albany

Nov 18, 2015

The New York state legislature is seemingly back to business as usual, with majority parties holding planning meetings, and the new session set to begin right after the holidays. But as Karen DeWitt reports, there has been little public discussion about a corruption crisis that has led to the two most powerful men in the legislature both on trial in federal court this month.

A witness at the corruption trial of former New York Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says the politician's son threatened to smash his head if he tried to make him show up for a no-show job.

Karen DeWitt

A prosecutor says former New York Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos abused his office to line the pockets of his adult son.