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A report compiled for an opponent of a proposed water supply project in Rockland County, New York says a serious look at alternatives has been missing in the debate. The report’s author says a viable alternative to the more than $120 million project can be brought to the table.

United Water To Respond To PSC Order About Need

Jul 23, 2013
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A number of legislators along with citizens’ and environmental groups are questioning the need for a proposed water supply project in Rockland County. The company behind the proposed project affirms the need is still there, and growing. The state Public Service Commission will decide.  

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The New York State Public Service Commission is revisiting whether the underlying need for water in Rockland County warrants the construction of a major water supply project. 

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A Rockland County-based water company wants to raise its rates and impose a surcharge on customer water bills.  A New York state senator opposes both, while water company officials say the increases are needed to cover money already spent.