distracted driving

Jim Levulis / WAMC

Students at Lee High School in Massachusetts are receiving a crash course in the dangers of texting and driving this week.

Two drivers’ seats each with three television screens and a steering wheel are encased in the hard to miss 36-foot-long neon yellow trailer parked in the Lee High School parking lot. Working with the Distractology 101 simulator Robert Bliss has traveled to Connecticut, Rhode Island and all over Massachusetts teaching young drivers about the consequences of distracted driving.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the start of a new summer crackdown by the New York State Police on distracted driving. The up to $1 million effort will consist of increased enforcement and patrols, particularly through undercover operations using unmarked State Police SUVs to catch distracted drivers.

The Caledonia County Sheriff's Department and St. Johnsbury Police Department are going to teach young Vermont drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.

The departments have been awarded an educational grant through Vermont Governor's Highway Safety Program and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Over the next year, the two departments will develop and carry out a distracted driver program in Caledonia County high schools.