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New England News
12:48 pm
Tue March 10, 2015

Catholic High Schools Merger Moving Forward

Cathedral High School in Springfield, MA was hit by a tornado on June 1,2011.
Credit Catholic Communications, Diocese of Springfield

Multiple sites are being considered for the location of a new regional Catholic high school in western Massachusetts.  The new school will result from the merger of 130-year-old Cathedral High School and Holyoke Catholic High School.

      Springfield Bishop Mitchell Rozanski said in the two weeks since he announced the proposed merger he has met separately with the student bodies of both schools and started to assemble a group of advisors to work out the merger details. 

  " We are moving along quickly on that," said Rozanski.

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New England News
6:09 pm
Wed January 14, 2015

Springfield Mayor Livid Over Placement Of Homeless Families In City Apartments

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno protests a state program that he says is concentrating homeless families in city apartments in a few neighborhoods.
Credit WAMC

The mayor of Springfield is calling on the administration of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to end a practice by the past administration of placing homeless families in congregate housing.

An angry Mayor Domenic Sarno said de-facto group homes for homeless families have been created in apartment buildings concentrated in a handful of city neighborhoods since last fall with city inspectors finding in some cases 3-4 families living in a single apartment.

" This is absolute BS," said Sarno at a city hall news conference.

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New England News
6:08 pm
Fri November 7, 2014

Charlie Baker Makes First Visit To Western Mass. As Governor-Elect

Governor-elect Charlie Baker ( R-MA) arrives at West Springfield Town Hall to visit Mayor Ed Sullivan, an independent, who endorsed Baker in his race against Democrat Martha Coakley
Credit WAMC

Massachusetts Governor-elect Charlie Baker, just three days removed from his close election victory, visited western Massachusetts today.  He met privately with the mayor of the region’s largest city, and also with a suburban mayor who had endorsed Baker’s candidacy.

The Republican governor-elect and the Democratic mayor of Springfield dismissed their political differences and stressed their mutual interests in economic development and finding innovative ways to improve the state’s public schools.

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New England News
12:26 pm
Mon October 20, 2014

Springfield Mayor To Seek Change In State Bail Law

The mayors of two western Massachusetts cities are calling for reform of the state’s bail laws when it comes to detaining people accused of violent crimes.   The Hampden District Attorney’s office plans to use more so-called dangerousness hearings in gun cases in a bid to hold defendants without bail.

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New England News
6:21 pm
Mon June 23, 2014

Springfield Mayor Renews Call For Moratorium On Refugee Resettlements

Credit City of Springfield

The Mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts has renewed a call for an end to new refugee resettlements in Springfield.  Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal said the mayor has raised concerns that need to be addressed.

     Mayor Domenic Sarno first called for a moratorium on refugee resettlements in Springfield 10 months ago, but then backed off amid criticism from social service providers and advocates for immigrants. Sarno said his office recently learned that up to 70 refugees will be settled in Springfield in the coming year.

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New England News
12:13 pm
Fri May 30, 2014

Springfield Police Commissioner Set To Retire

A retirement ceremony was held in Springfield City Hall for outgoing police commissioner William Fitchet. Pictured ( l to r) are Deputy Chief John Barbieri, who will succeed Fitchet, City Councilor Tim Allen, Fitchet, City Councilor Kateri Walsh, and City Council President Michael Fenton
Credit WAMC

A new police commissioner takes charge of law enforcement in Springfield, Massachusetts this weekend.  Next to the mayor, it is the highest profile job in a city where public safety consistently ranks as a top issue.

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New England News
12:29 pm
Tue May 20, 2014

Mayor's Budget Reflects Hopeful Outlook After Years Of Cuts

Copies of Mayor Domenic Sarno's recommended budget for distribution to the city council.
Credit WAMC

The mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts is proposing a city budget that he says leaves him in a good mood after years of belt tightening.  The president of the city council is promising a speedy, but thorough review of the spending plans. 

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno is recommending a $582 million budget for the new fiscal year that he says will maintain essential services, result in no layoffs of municipal workers, and fund public safety academies to fill vacancies in both the police and fire departments. 

" I'm in a good mood," said Sarno.

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New England News
6:17 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

Mayor Sarno Defends Process For Picking New Police Commissioner

Deputy Police Chief John Barbieri was selected by Mayor Domenic Sarno ( at right) to be the next police commissioner.
Credit WAMC

A 26-year veteran of the police department in Springfield, Massachusetts has been picked to be the next police commissioner.  It is a high-profile post in a city where public safety has consistently ranked as the number one issue.

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New England News
12:51 pm
Fri February 21, 2014

Debate In Springfield Over Police Commission

A debate rages in Springfield, Massachusetts over who should run the police department – a five-member part-time commission, or a single all-powerful police commissioner.  A showdown vote between the city council and the mayor looms next month.

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New England News
2:14 pm
Fri February 14, 2014

Return Of Police Commission Considered

Sprringfield Police Commissioner William Fitchet is planning to retire later this year. Some city councilors see it as an opportunity to return control of the police department back to a civilian body
Credit SPD

The mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts and the city council appear to be on a collision course over control of the police department. Councilors are looking into putting a civilian board in charge of the police, while the mayor wants the department run by a law enforcement professional.

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