double dipping

  The Empire Center reports 665 retired public workers in New York this year had authorization to "double dip" and keep collecting pensions while getting paid again by returning to work in the public sector.

The fiscally conservative organization's report Monday lists retirees under age 65 collecting full public pension benefits who have waivers from the normal restriction against earnings from a state or local agency of $30,000 or more.

New NY Judicial Rule To Prevent 'Double Dipping'

Oct 18, 2013

New York judicial officials have issued a rule to prevent state judges certified to work past the age of 70 from collecting both a pension and salary.

The rule against so-called "double dipping" comes with voters scheduled to consider a referendum Nov. 5 to raise the age limit for state judges from 70 to 80. It was first reported Thursday by the New York Daily News.

An Office of Court Administration spokesman says 14 judges out of more than 1,200 currently collect a pension while also working as judges, most because they retired from one court and were elected to another.