Dutchess County

Hudson Valley News
6:58 pm
Tue November 18, 2014

Walkway To Hold Marathons In June

Credit Ashley Arias, Walkway Over the Hudson

It was a bitter cold day at Walkway Over the Hudson, but the focus today was on a major event involving the signature pedestrian bridge in the Hudson Valley next summer.

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Hudson Valley News
8:10 am
Mon November 10, 2014

Dutchess Takes Over Ownership Of War Memorial

There is a ceremony Monday afternoon in Dutchess County to transfer ownership of a war memorial.

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Hudson Valley News
10:05 pm
Thu September 25, 2014

Dutchess Health Officials Express Concerns Over E-Cigarettes

Dutchess County health officials are expressing concerns about what they see as an increase in the use of e-cigarettes by young people. And they are especially concerned about refill cartridges because of toxins. 

Dr. Lobsang Lhungay is president of the Dutchess County Board of Health. He says it is not known how much of any toxins is contained in the refill cartridges sold for electronic cigarettes. He says unregulated nicotine levels also mean unregulated chemicals.

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The Roundtable
10:35 am
Wed September 17, 2014

Harlem Valley Rail Trail

  The Harlem Valley Rail Trail’s mission is to have a 46-mile trail from the Metro North station in Wassaic all the way to Chatham. Our friends of the trail organization, HVRTA, has worked since the mid-80's to keep Dutchess County and NYS focused on the project, with mixed success. Several years ago, HVRTA purchased 14 miles of rail bed and donated it to the state.

Currently there are four significant developments moving the trail forward and Dick Hermans – Chairman of the HVRTA join us this morning with and an update.

Hudson Valley News
10:28 pm
Thu July 31, 2014

Culvert Collapse Closes A Dutchess Road

Credit Lucas Willard / WAMC

A road in Dutchess County is expected to be closed for several weeks following a culvert collapse.

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Hudson Valley News
11:20 am
Sun July 13, 2014

Dutchess County Welcomes Warrior Hikers

Credit Dutchess County/Warrior Hike 2014

Dutchess County will welcome combat veterans as they hike through the area Sunday afternoon.

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Hudson Valley News
9:32 am
Sun May 25, 2014

Memorial Eve Ceremony Scheduled For Walkway

Credit wikipedia commons

On Sunday, there will be a Memorial Eve ceremony in the mid-Hudson Valley, on the pedestrian bridge Walkway Over the Hudson.

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Hudson Valley News
7:21 am
Wed May 14, 2014

Lyme Disease Forum Takes Place In Dutchess

Credit Photo by Scott Bauer (USDA ARS)

There will be an educational forum Wednesday morning in Dutchess County about Lyme disease prevention.

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Hudson Valley News
8:44 pm
Sat March 22, 2014

Dutchess Intersection Officials Call Dangerous Will Get A Flashing Light

Credit Chris Phan, flickr

A northern Dutchess County intersection considered dangerous will soon be getting a flashing traffic light. This comes after calls from local officials and residents following two fatal accidents this year.

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Hudson Valley News
1:14 pm
Thu January 23, 2014

Smart Meters Under Scrutiny

Credit wikipedia

The meter reader has gone the way of the milkman and the bread man — in some communities, "smart meters" wirelessly report your energy or water consumption back to the utility company. But fear of electric impulses transmitted by the devices has led to a consumer call for choice. 

Digital smart meter technology has been around since the 1990s, but opposition has grown worldwide. Critics of the technology claim the radio emissions cause a variety of human health problems.

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