Edward Diana

GOSHEN – In a unanimous 19-0 vote on Thursday, the Orange County Legislature override County Executive Edward Diana’s veto and funded the Valley View nursing home for all of 2014.

Diana had only funded the county-owned facility for three months in his proposed $731 million spending plan.  But, lawmakers put the money back in and then adopted the full budget for next year.

The effort to restore funding and disprove the Valley View operating figures provided by Diana was led by Legislator and fellow Republican Michael Anagnostakis.

Amo Opposes Full Year Valley View Funding

Oct 28, 2013
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GOSHEN – Orange County Legislator Michael Amo (I-1) may be the lone holdout when lawmakers vote to fund the county’s Valley View nursing home for a full year in 2014.

County Executive Edward Diana only allocated funding for the first four months of the year and Amo, who is chairman of the Health Committee, which has already voted in favor of full year funding, said given the fact that a new county executive and legislature will be coming into office in January, the county should investigate a new model to operate Valley View.

An Additional $8.4 Million For Valley View

Sep 6, 2013

GOSHEN – The Orange County Legislature Thursday approved allocating $8.4 million to fund the Valley View nursing home through the end of the year.

A handful of lawmakers wanted to hike that to $14.4 million as originally proposed by County Executive Edward Diana.

Republican Legislator Patrick Berardinelli (R-6) sought the full amount.

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GOSHEN – The Orange County Medical Examiner’s morgue and forensic operations has two months to move out of Orange Regional Medical Center, where it has been operating. The hospital needs the space.

As a temporary solution, the county has rented a large mobile facility placed behind the emergency services building to serve for autopsies and as a morgue.

Medical Examiner Dr. Charles Catanese said he can work with those facilities until a more permanent location is identified.

GOSHEN – The 14 public school districts and BOCES in Orange County will now be eligible for a share of $1.2 million in county funds that have been set aside for school safety programs.

Orange County

Orange County, New York Legislator Roxanne Donnery has officially thrown her hat into the ring as the Democratic candidate for county executive.

Donnery addressed a room of over 170 supporters in Highland Mills about what she believes to be the state of county government.

“My God, what has happened to this county? Where is the trust?” she said.

The shuttered Orange County Government Center and Valley View nursing home were key issues Donnery addressed.

“You want your government back and I’m going to give it to you,” Donnery said.


GOSHEN – Proposals to allocate $1.2 million for public schools in Orange County provide an extra layer of security was tabled for a second time by a committee of the county legislature.

They Have Their Eyes on Economic Development in Orange

Jan 11, 2013
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The Orange County executive Thursday welcomed a new congressional member who represents the region. They say they agreed to work together to advance economic development in Orange County. Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney and Republican Orange County Executive Edward Diana agreed that investments in agriculture and local economic development projects are vital to creating jobs and moving Orange County forward.