entertainment district

WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

With longtime Albany music club Valentine’s now shuttered, WAMC’s Dave Lucas reports the scene has shifted across town.

Howard Glassman ran Valentine’s, an important stop for local and indie rock groups, for years before an Albany Med expansion plan spelled the end for the club in December.

"There's plenty of reasons for people to come up this way, and not just to see music. They can come have dinner, and then go see music," said Glassman.


Community activists in Springfield Massachusetts say a 25 year old Middletown Connecticut man who went on trial Monday for assaulting police is actually a victim of police brutality.

Ellen Graves and other members of a group called the Community Coaltion for Justice  rallied outside the courthouse in defense of  Michael Ververis who is facing felony charges stemming from a disturbance more than 2 years ago at closing time in the city’s entertainment district.