Environment America

This is picture of the report's cover feature an image of solar panels of the rook of an IKEA store

An environmental action group is launching an effort to encourage big box stores to utilize their rooftops for solar power.

WAMC/Pat Bradley

A new report released this morning ranks the top 12 solar producing states.  Vermont and Massachusetts are among the leaders and New York is swiftly climbing the ranks.

A new report by an environmental group is pointing to what it says is a clear sign of climate change: The frequency of storms in the region with extremely high rain or snowfall is up 85 percent since 1948.

Environment America says New England leads the country in the increasing frequency and intensity of severe storms, with the weather events more than doubling in frequency in New Hampshire.

In Vermont, the group says the amount of precipitation being dropped by the biggest annual rain and snowstorms is up an average of 30 percent.