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South Burlington residents met last night with officials from the Burlington International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Vermont National Guard regarding home buyout and noise mitigation initiatives occurring in advance of the arrival of F-35 fighter jets.


Opponents of a U.S. Air Force plan to base F-35 fighter jets in Burlington are deciding whether to challenge a federal judge’s decision issued Wednesday that will allow the jets to come to the Vermont Air Guard base beginning in 2019.

The Stop the F-35 Coalition and six Chittenden County residents filed suit against the Secretary of the Air Force alleging that the strict review required under the National Environmental Policy Act when preparing the Environmental Impact Statement for basing the fighter jets at the Vermont National Guard was inadequately conducted.  

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The city of Winooski, Vermont, is joining a lawsuit seeking to overturn a decision allowing the U.S. Air Force's F-35 fighter jets in South Burlington, saying that not enough was done to analyze noise levels.

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Opponents of the plan by the Air Force to base F-35 fighter planes at Vermont's Burlington International Airport have filed a lawsuit asking a federal district court to overturn the decision.

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The latest controversy over the potential basing of F-35 fighter jets at the Burlington International Airport isn’t over the plane. It’s about why the Burlington City Council has cancelled a review of the matter.

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The Burlington City Council heard public comment Monday night on a controversial U.S. Air Force proposal to base F-35 fighter jets at the National Guard base at the Burlington International Airport.

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The U.S. Air Force is in the process of deciding where it will base a new jet, the F-35. Burlington International Airport, which is the host airfield for the Vermont Air National Guard, is on the short list and a preferred site for hosting the state-of-the-art plane. But the idea is controversial, with split votes in surrounding communities over support for the aircraft.
Thursday morning, Vermont National Guard officials met with the media to discuss issues relating to the F-35.


The U.S. Air Force says information regarding support for basing the new F-35 fighter jet at the Burlington International Airport was overstated in the just released revised Environmental Impact Statement.  But supporters say the corrected numbers are still skewed because officials are counting a petition with more than 10,000 signatures as only one comment.

An article in the Boston Globe this weekend implied that Vermont’s senior U.S. Senator used his influence to manipulate the base selection process for the Air Force’s new fighter jet.  Those against basing the F35 at the South Burlington National Guard Base are pleased, but supporters say the article lacks credibility.


Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin says he'll travel to Florida next week to listen to the F-35 fighter jet and then go to Italy to give a speech and take some vacation time.

The governor says he heard during this year's campaign from some voters concerned that if the Air Force goes ahead with plans to base F-35s at the Burlington Airport, noise from the planes will plague surrounding residential areas.


A new report from a group that supports siting a new fighter jet at the Burlington International Airport says property values will not be hurt by the increased noise. The report is out at the same time opponents of the aircraft plan to protest a political fundraiser.