facility dog

Courtesy of the Office of NYS Senator Terry Gipson

A midlevel New York court has upheld the use of a facility dog in a sexual abuse case from Dutchess County. It’s a case that inspired a state senator from Dutchess to introduce a law named after the dog. 

Courtesy of the Office of Senator Terry Gipson

Two New York state lawmakers from the Hudson Valley are behind legislation that would grant judges greater leeway to permit facility dogs in the courtroom in an effort to help certain witnesses through difficult testimony.

Freshman Democratic state Senator Terry Gipson is sponsoring Rosie’s Law, named for the first assistance dog allowed by a New York court to accompany a witness during testimony. In this case, Rosie accompanied a girl known as Jessica during the proceedings, in a child and sexual abuse case, in Gipson’s district. Here’s Gipson.