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New York farmworkers are hoping a legal challenge might tip the scales in their favor after years of protesting a state law that prevents them from unionizing.

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A judge has allowed the New York Farm Bureau to intervene in a lawsuit that could dramatically affect farm wages in the state.

Farm workers in Albany.
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Advocates for farm workers are trying a new route to gain the right to form a union and be allowed benefits afforded to other laborers in New York. They are suing the state government. Governor Andrew Cuomo says he agrees with the farmworkers and won’t be defending the law in court.

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A recent report shows New York farm workers generally make more than the state minimum wage, unlike others in low paying jobs who have been the focus of an aggressive campaign to raise wages.

Advocates For NY Farmworkers Plan Rally In Albany

May 13, 2013

Advocates for farmworkers in New York are planning a rally at the state Capitol. 

People will gather this afternoon outside the Capitol to call for passage of legislation that would extend labor rights and protections for workers on New York farms.

Provisions of the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act would grant collective bargaining rights to farm laborers along with new rights to earn overtime pay.

Some farmers who oppose the bill say it would increase costs in an already financially perilous business.

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New York Senator Charles Schumer says the state’s agriculture sector will find it easier to secure a reliable labor force under the recently announced immigration reform deal.