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Imbolo Mbue’s debut novel is Behold the Dreamers . It chronicles a young Cameroonian couple making a new live in New York just as the great recession of the 2000s upends the economy. The novel explores marriage, immigration, class, race, and the trap-doors in the American Dream.

10/3/13 - Panel

Oct 3, 2013

Todays panelists are WAMCs Alan Chartock, newsman Ray Graf and University at Albany Journalism Professor and Investigative Reporter, Rosemary Armao. Joe Donahue moderates. Topics include:
Fiscal Crisis
Costs of Shutdown
Tom Clancy

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo outlined his proposal for a new local government restructuring board to help financially distressed communities deal with long term budget problems. Cuomo offered more details of his previously announced plan to set up a restructuring board to help local governments on the brink of insolvency.

The governor says the average population of upstate municipalities is on the long term decline, while local budgets are growing. He says that’s simply...

Once America's capitalist dream town, Detroit is one of our country's greatest urban failures, having fallen the longest and the farthest. But the city's worst crisis yet has managed to do the unthinkable: turn the end of days into something of a laboratory for the future. Urban planners, land speculators, and utopian environmentalists have been drawn to Detroit's decaying, nothing-left-to-lose frontier. Detroit-area native Mark Binelli has chronicled this convergence in Detroit City Is the...

NY, Local Governments Butt Heads over Next Crisis

Jun 27, 2012

The next government fiscal crisis is boiling over in counties and municipalities, and taxpayers again are catching the heat. WAMCs Tristan ONeill reports New Yorks state Legislature chose not pass the urgent pleas of local governments including Rockland County, the City of Long Beach, Suffolk and Nassau counties, Buffalo and Newburgh during the 2012 legislative session that ended last week. The local governments sought permission to spread debt payments or increase local sales taxes, among...