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Pittsfield is hosting its second annual food truck rodeo Sunday afternoon. The gathering is expected to be larger than the inaugural event last year which attracted any estimated 375 people.

Jim Levulis / WAMC

A food truck rodeo over the weekend in Pittsfield was filled with sights, sounds and smells.

The trucks, trailers and carts that pulled into Palace Park in Pittsfield Sunday weren’t rolling on a river as the band suggests, but they were running on wood-fired stoves and generators.

But inside the trucks and trailers, it sounds like a typical restaurant during frantic dinner hours.

Jim Levulis / WAMC

A food truck event this weekend in Pittsfield comes as the city and others in the region continue to grapple with how to balance mobile vendors and fixed, permanent restaurants.

Kathy and Gabe Lloyd have been frying up egg rolls and other uniquely named dishes for customers in downtown Pittsfield and elsewhere for the past year.

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With the warm weather months ahead the city of Springfield, Massachusetts is looking to regulate food trucks and similar roadside vendors.  It is an issue many municipalities dealt with years ago, but it has so far eluded the state’s third-largest city.

   City councilors in Springfield are working on the final details of an ordinance that would replace an archaic law and unenforceable rules that currently apply to food trucks and similar vendors. City Councilor Tom Ashe said he is optimistic the issue will finally be resolved after years of discussion and setbacks

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Communities in western Massachusetts are trying to figure out how to balance the opportunities and challenges they see with the emergence of food trucks in the region.

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The owners of a Capital Region food truck are suing New York state officials after they were prevented from vending at the Empire State Plaza and Saratoga Race Course. The spat has set off a First Amendment debate. 

The owners of the Schenectady-based “Wandering Dago” food truck, which sells Italian foods, have filed a lawsuit against the New York State Racing Association, the state Office of General Services, and other state officials after they were prevented from operating at Saratoga Race Course earlier this summer, kicked out after opening day.

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The food truck craze has caught on in the Berkshires, but in Pittsfield, not everyone is happy with downtown’s new menu. Even though there are only two food trucks operating in Pittsfield, they are stirring things up in the downtown area. City Councilor and Chair of the Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee, Melissa Mazzeo, says there is nothing on the city books in terms of how and where food trucks can operate, but they are increasing in popularity.

Food Truck 411

Jun 28, 2013

    Food Truck 411: The Essential Information To Run A Successful Food Truck, is a new book written by Brian Branigan, owner and operator of Tortillaville, a popular Mexican fare food truck, located in Hudson, NY.

Food Truck 411 is a week-in-the-life, a photo book, a cook book, and a food truck operators vantage point of life-inside the box. It is written with the intent to assist the budding food truck entrepreneur, although, anyone intrigued with the modern-day food truck trend, is certain to take interest as well.