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A move to expand problem gambling treatment comes as four casinos prepare to open in upstate New York. 

The city council in Springfield, Massachusetts has voted to extend a moratorium on new pawn shops for an additional three years.

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With casino gambling expanding in the Northeast, a regional approach is being advocated for the issue of problem gambling.  A shared commitment to help problem gamblers was highlighted at a conference today in Springfield, Massachusetts, where a new casino is scheduled to open in two-and-a-half years.  

A regional approach to preventing gambling addiction,  and providing treatment and recovery services to people who become compulsive gamblers were endorsed by advocates for problem gambling services, casino operators, state lottery officials, and gaming industry regulators.

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New York trails other states in supporting programs for gambling addiction — even though it plans to open new casinos soon and already makes more money from casinos, race tracks and the lottery than any other state.

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New Yorkers have a chance to vote this November on whether there should be more gambling in the state.  Those who treat people with gambling addictions say it will likely result in more problem gamblers.

The New York Council on Problem Gambling is a not for profit, affiliated with the state agency on alcohol and drug abuse. It coordinates and publicizes treatments for New Yorkers with gambling addictions.

With less than 48 hours until the first race of the 2012 season at Saratoga Race Course – today we’re talking gambling.

While the Saratoga season is just beginning, already reports indicate Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to unveil the members of the New York Racing Association’s new board, whose installation was precipitated earlier this year after the naming of new president Ellen McClain without input from state officials, following the firing of former president and CEO Charles Hayward, an alleged party to a scandal that cost the betting public over $8 million.