Gateway Cities

Reid Middle schoolers shovel dirt onto one of the 2,400 trees to be planted in Pittsfield.
Jim Levulis / WAMC

City and state officials recently celebrated a tree planting program in Pittsfield that is expected to add 2,400 trees throughout the city.

Recent state grants will support English language learning and early career education programs in Massachusetts Gateway Cities.

A statewide competition in Massachusetts hopes to help up to 20 small cities find ways to solve major problems through collaborations.

The Working Cities Challenge, which will launch on Friday, intends to revitalize small and medium sized post-industrial cities in the commonwealth by bringing together leadership from the public and private sectors to brainstorm and initiate their own solutions. Eligible cities in Western Massachusetts include Pittsfield, Westfield, Springfield, Holyoke, and Chicopee. 


A new report by Massachusetts think-tank MassINC shows a significant economic impact from the lack of adequate public transportation available in Gateway Cities.

The report released this week titled “Reinventing Transit: Investing in Public Transportation for Strong Gateway Cities Economies” reveals that the inadequate public transportation systems in place in mid-size, post-industrial cities in the commonwealth not only hinder workers, but also contribute to below-average labor force participation.

Lucas Willard / WAMC

The recently appointed Massachusetts Secretary of Education visited with school superintendents and local officials in the Berkshires today to hear suggestions for improving the state education system.

Massachusetts’ Gateway Cities Program funded improvements to the First Street Commons in Pittsfield, a park that had previously fallen into disrepair. At a ceremony today outside the park, state and city officials gathered to officially open the new gateway entrance to the Commons.