Glens Falls Civic Center

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While summer is typically a slower time for the Glens Falls Civic Center, arena leaders are keeping busy with a new fundraising campaign, a new general manager, and a new hockey team.

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The Glens Falls Civic Center, now three months under new management, is in the process of cutting costs and raising revenues.

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At the beginning of what is usually the busiest time of year for the Glens Falls Civic Center, events are on hold as officials work to repair damage caused by winter weather.

The Adirondack Thunder

The new hockey team that will call the Glens Falls Civic Center home after the Adirondack Flames exit after only one season has a name.

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It could be one and done for the new hockey team in Glens Falls. The future of the Adirondack Flames is in question, as a pending deal with the American Hockey League could move the club to the West Coast after only one season at the Civic Center.

Glens Falls is used to saying goodbye to hockey teams by now, but it was only eight months ago that officials announced the Adirondack Flames would bring American League Hockey back to the Civic Center…

“Welcome to the three-peat AHL city, Glens Falls, New York!”

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Warren County lawmakers today approved a plan to provide $750,000 over the course of three years to help support operations at the Glens Falls Civic Center, which is changing hands.

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A plan to use tax dollars to support the Glens Falls Civic Center is a topic of debate in Warren County.

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The Glens Falls Civic Center, for sale for the past several months, has a new owner.

After no offers were made for the Glens Falls Civic Center at a public auction last month, two bidders have come forward to the city government with plans to purchase the publicly owned arena.

The city has been looking to sell its arena, which is standing in about $1.3 million in debt. No bidders stepped forward at the public auction in August, where the city had set the minimum bid at $1.5 million. But since then, the aging arena has attracted some attention.

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