Green Mountain Care

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Officials from Vermont’s Office of Health Care Reform reviewed the documents that led to Governor Peter Shumlin’s decision to stop the state’s move to a single-payer system, a decision  Shumlin called the biggest disappointment of his political career.

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The director of health reform for Governor Peter Shumlin says the biggest threat to a plan to make Vermont the first state in the country with a universal, publicly funded health care system was the federal government.

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A coalition of labor and consumer advocacy organizations was at the Statehouse in Montpelier today to call on Governor Peter Shumlin and the Vermont Legislature to take action and implement the state’s universal health care system. But critics of single-payer have said November’s closer than expected elections were a message from voters.

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As Vermont moves toward a single-payer health care system, legislators must consider numerous infrastructure and fiscal changes. This week, a memo from one of the legislature’s consultants outlining suggestions to retool the health system revamp emerged.

Vermont Workers' Center

A Vermont labor advocacy group has released its own plan for how the state should finance a universal health care system.
The Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign, a project of the Vermont Workers’ Center, released their health care financing plan on Monday. VT Workers Center President Mary Gerisch says the goal is equity in cost sharing and access.

Mary Gerisch explains that their plan uses  income taxes as the primary funding source.