Hampden District Attorney


     Authorities have released composite sketches of a suspect in a 24-year-old western Massachusetts murder case. The images were not produced from the recollections of witnesses, but from an analysis of the DNA of the possible killer.

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The Hampden district attorney is warning there may be a more lethal strain of heroin being distributed in the area.


A new top law enforcement officer was sworn into office today in western Massachusetts. The new top prosecutor in the greater Springfield area is promising a proactive approach to the job.

 Anthony Gulluni was sworn in as the new Hampden District Attorney.

Breaking with tradition, the public ceremony was held in historic Old First Church in Springfield, rather than in the Hall of Justice, to accommodate a larger audience. Several hundred people attended including community leaders, elected officials, judges and lawyers.


Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick today appointed a veteran prosecutor as Hampden District Attorney.  The vacancy was created by the appointment of the elected DA to the federal bench in western Massachusetts. 

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick swore in James Orenstein as Hampden County District Attorney at a ceremony Monday in the state office building in Springfield.

" He will serve in this role beautifully I am quite confident until the voters of this county have chosen their next district attorney," said Patrick.


Money seized from drug dealers in western Massachusetts is being used to do good things. The funds are helping keep at-risk youths off the streets and reuniting families torn apart by drug abuse.

   Hampden District Attorney Mark Mastroianni has awarded $30,000 to two Springfield-based nonprofit agencies from the Drug Forfeiture Grant Program.  The fund consists of money and property forfeited by court order following a criminal conviction for a drug dealing offense.

   Mastroianni has given out $100,000 since starting the program two years ago.


A top prosecutor in western Massachusetts may soon become a federal judge.  It would fill a vacancy in the federal court in Springfield that local attorneys say is causing cases to be moved to Boston.

President Obama has nominated  Hampden County District Attorney Mark Mastroianni to fill a vacancy on the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts. Mastroianni, speaking with reporters, said he received a phone call from the White House Tuesday morning informing him of the nomination.