Cornell University has announced new rules for its fraternities and sororities after reports of hazing.

From now on, hard liquor is prohibited in residential chapter houses and by 2021, all Greek residences will be required to have a live-in adviser.

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The New Hampshire Supreme Court says members of a former Dartmouth College fraternity are not allowed to live in their house after the college banned the frat from campus.

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Seven University at Albany students have been arrested on hazing charges.

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Two young men have been arrested following the death of a 19-year-old New York state university student who drank an excessive amount of alcohol.

Milton School District

A Vermont superintendent has been placed on administrative leave as the school board determines how to deal with a report critical of the district's handling of hazing rituals by a varsity football team.

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Experts say  disturbingly similar cases of young men chugging lethal amounts of alcohol while pledging an underground fraternity demonstrate the difficulty in stopping behavior done in secret and beyond the realm of campus control. 

Three days before 19-year-old UAlbany student Trevor Duffy died in November, 18-year-old Nolan Burch died inside a West Virginia University frat house. Police say both were being initiated into rogue fraternities that had no official standing.

Court papers filed in connection with a New York college student's alcohol-related death reveal he drank a 60-ounce bottle of vodka during what college officials say was the hazing of pledges at an unsanctioned fraternity.


The University at Albany is mourning the death of Trevor Duffy, a 19-year-old sophomore who died after a drinking binge that may be the result of a fraternity hazing incident.  

Thousands of college students a year drink so much they are hospitalized or even die.

A Vermont school board has voted to seek an independent investigation into whether the school district mishandled complaints about hazing allegedly involving members of the high school football team.


The University of Connecticut has revoked the registration and recognition of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority after a hazing investigation.

A UConn sophomore alleged that the sorority took her and others to a fraternity house in March and forced them to commit humiliating acts, including being told to lie on the floor and pretend to "sizzle like bacon." She said she was then pressured to drink alcohol to the point of passing out.


A University of Hartford student has been arrested after a freshman at the school alleged students were subjected to hazing at an unsanctioned, off-campus fraternity.

West Hartford police charged 21-year-old George Sinclair of New London with misdemeanor assault last week.

The University At Albany is again facing questions about the extracurricular activities of some it its students after several were arrested last week in an alleged hazing incident resembling the torture technique known as 'waterboarding'.

For more on the incident, WAMC's Patrick Donges spoke with Albany Times Union education reporter Scott Waldman, who has been following the story.