Health Overhaul Vermont

A key part of the trouble-plagued Vermont Health Connect website is due to be up and running by the end of May.

Governor Peter Shumlin says two federal studies show that the state's Blueprint for Health is helping reduce the growth of Vermont health care costs.

Governor Peter Shumlin says the percentage of Vermonters without health insurance has been cut almost in half in two years.

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Officials from Vermont’s Office of Health Care Reform reviewed the documents that led to Governor Peter Shumlin’s decision to stop the state’s move to a single-payer system, a decision  Shumlin called the biggest disappointment of his political career.

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The director of health reform for Governor Peter Shumlin says the biggest threat to a plan to make Vermont the first state in the country with a universal, publicly funded health care system was the federal government.

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Governor Peter Shumlin says he will release the details that led to his decision to abandon plans to make Vermont the first state in the country with a universal, publicly funded health care system.

State officials say that the Vermont Health Connect insurance exchange is working much better than it did last year.

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Three Vermont lawmakers are urging the administration of Governor Peter Shumlin to sever ties with a Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist who was shown on video saying it was the "stupidity of the American voter" that helped pass national health care reform.

Vermont's online health insurance marketplace could run nearly $20 million over budget.

Officials are asking users of Vermont's health care exchange system not to make online changes to their policies during the upcoming open enrollment period.

Vermont's top health care reform official says the state's health insurance website was taken down temporarily because security upgrades did not keep pace with a schedule agreed to with federal officials.

State health officials say Vermont is ending its contract with CGI, the company that designed Vermont's trouble-plagued Vermont Health Connect website.

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Vermont lawmakers are going to be taking an independent look at health care costs over the coming months.

Commerce Secretary Lawrence Miller is going to be getting a new job overseeing all of Vermont's health care overhaul efforts.

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A top health care aide to Governor Peter Shumlin says Vermont lawmakers may be demanding too much information too fast from her office.

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The health care committee of the Vermont House is lining up some of the tasks that will have to be finished before the state rolls out the first-in-the-nation single payer health care system, now scheduled for 2017.

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A critic of Vermont's health care reform efforts says the governor's recommitment to creating the nation's first single payer health care system is a threat to the Vermont economy.

Officials at Vermont's largest hospital say it will be at least 30 days before they know how smoothly it will go for people to move to the new health insurance system.

Vermont health care officials are urging people who have signed up for health insurance through the Vermont Health Connect website to pay their bills as soon as possible to ensure they get coverage by Jan. 1.

Governor Peter Shumlin is encouraging people who are eligible to sign up for health insurance through the Vermont Health Connect system.

All 14 Vermont hospitals and two in New Hampshire are helping the state promote Vermont Health Connect, the marketplace that is to provide coverage as part of the incoming health reform efforts.

The state says that 3,138 people have chosen a new health insurance plan through the Vermont Health Connect website.

Enrollment numbers are growing for the new Vermont Health Connect health insurance exchange, but on its second day of operation, the system continued to struggle with a too-slow website.

The official overseeing the launch of Vermont's online health insurance marketplace says the system is on track for its scheduled opening.

Officials involved in setting up Vermont's new health care exchange say they're confident it will be ready to enroll individuals and small businesses by its scheduled Oct. 1 startup date.