heavy metal

One the founders of the genre now known as thrash metal, Scott Ian was a typical Jewish kid in 1960s Queens, into comics and movies. His life changed forever when he saw bands like KISS and the Ramones, and before long, he was on the road himself, the heartbeat of the band Anthrax, contemporaries with bands like Metallica and Slayer.  

Before there was Nine Inch Nails or Tool, there was Al Jourgensen’s band Ministry, which for more than 30 years has helped to shape the look and sound of industrial music and heavy metal.

WAMC's Ian Pickus catches up with comedian, author and actor Jim Breuer, a Saturday Night Live alum famed for his role in cult film Half Baked. Breuer brings his Heavy Metal Family Fan tour to Upstate Concert Hall (formerly Northern Lights) in Clifton Park, New York on June 9.