Herkimer County

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One body has been recovered and police continue to search for two other men whose paddle boat capsized in the Mohawk River in central New York.

The daughter of the president of Herkimer County Community College is the focus of a murder investigation.


The waiting list for federal funds to help homeowners and businesses rebuild in the wake of flooding across Central New York and the Mohawk Valley is growing.

The flash flooding brought on by the heavy rains of June 27 and 28 devastated many communities across Central New York. Residents in many flooded communities along the Mohawk River are waiting for help - looking to Albany and Washington for assistance in cleanup and rebuilding.

64-year-old Kurt Myers killed four people in Herkimer and Mohawk last week, before he was killed after an 18-hour standoff with police. Herkimer County officials are declaring this Monday, March 25 a day of mourning. One official told local media that the planned ceremony is also intended to show appreciation to the agencies and first responders who assisted during the tragedy, including slain K9 officer, Ape.

Police say Myers hadn't worked in years and had heavy credit card debt: they are not sure if that's what drove him to open fire at a barber shop and car wash.

HERKIMER, N.Y.  — Authorities in Herkimer County say they have yet to uncover the motive behind yesterday's rampage at a car wash and a barbershop that left four people dead. The suspect in the shootings was shot and killed in a firefight with police Thursday morning.

HERKIMER, N.Y. (AP) — Police say they're searching an upstate New York village after exchanging fire with a man suspected of killing four people and wounding two others.

State police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico says SWAT teams and other officers were fired on from an abandoned building in Herkimer early Wednesday afternoon while looking for 64-year-old Kurt Myers.