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The House of Representatives has adopted a bill concerning the construction of a hydroelectric project in New York.

Clean Energy Projects In NY Receive Funding

Nov 13, 2014

Four renewable energy projects in New York have been awarded funding, and one is in the Hudson Valley.

Skidmore College has entered a new agreement to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions through hydroelectric power.

Skidmore has entered a 20-year operating agreement with company Gravity Renewables and National Grid to meet 18 percent of its energy needs with power generated at the historic Chittenden Falls Hydroelectric Facility in Columbia County, 60 miles away.

Gravity Renewables CEO Ted Rose said “mini-hydro” reutilizes existing decommissioned dams in New York and could change the way electricity is generated.

Capital Region lawmakers are proposing legislation that would eliminate a state authority that regulates fresh water resources in order to save downstream counties $3 million.

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Electric technology has come full circle in two different ways affecting two upstate communities.

A power generation station in Columbia County that dates back to the 19th century has been restored to service. The Stuyvesant Hydro Electric Station came back online in December providing power to National Grid, albeit on a temporary basis. The facility is nearly completely rehabilitated.