income tax surcharge on millionare earners

A new poll suggests there is wide support for a so-called “millionaires’ tax” in Massachusetts. Activists are pushing the idea as a way to raise more money for transportation and education.

More than three-quarters of the respondents to a poll that was taken in the greater-Boston area support the idea of a surtax on incomes of $ 1 million or more, so long as the additional revenue is earmarked for transportation and education.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

New York has its third straight on-time budget after decades of missed deadlines.

The Assembly passed the final bills of the $135 billion spending plan just before midnight Thursday.

The budget approved by the Senate Wednesday is due Sunday, the start of the new fiscal year.

Major elements of the budget negotiated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders includes $350 tax rebate checks for most middle class families and a new minimum wage that will rise to $9 over three years.