James Deeghan

Vermont State Police

A former Vermont State Police sergeant who pleaded guilty to charges he padded his timesheets is going to prison for up to two years and will repay $202,000 from his state pension.

James Deeghan entered the pleas to four charges Monday as part of an agreement with prosecutors. He was taken into custody at the close of the hearing.
In court, Deeghan said he had been under "tremendous" financial pressures. He also said he hoped people don't hold state police responsible for what he did.

Vermont State Police

A former Vermont State Police sergeant charged with padding his time sheets is expected to change his plea.

The Burlington Free Press reports that James Deeghan is scheduled to withdraw his not-guilty pleas on Monday.

Details of the potential plea agreement were not made public on Wednesday.

Vermont State Police

Vermont's public safety commissioner says problems with the time reports of a former trooper charged with falsifying his reports for June appear to stretch back at least two years.

Commissioner Keith Flynn of the Department of Public Safety says preliminary reports on the investigation into alleged false swearing by former Sgt. James Deeghan stopped short of calling the earlier time sheets evidence of criminal activity, but said there are what he termed anomalies.