Jeffrey Reel

Climate change skeptics, and those who favor the continued use of fossil fuels, continually fall back on the argument that those who continue to rely on fossil fuels – that is, virtually all of us – are hypocrites for wanting to evolve away from them. They seem to be saying:  “I am a hypocrite for heating with gas, and if I truly believe in the use of renewable technologies, then I should turn off the heat, cut the power and let the sun shine through my windows for heat and light.”

Jeffrey Reel: GMO Labeling

Oct 11, 2015

The Genetic Engineering Transparency Food and Seed Labeling Act, H.3242, if passed in Massachusetts, would require the words “Produced with genetic engineering” to be printed clearly and conspicuously on product packages that contain genetically altered ingredients.

Jeffrey Reel: Donald Trump And The GOP

Sep 27, 2015

“There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear” – Buffalo Springfield.

Donald Trump is a bombastic, narcissistic man-child. And although I would never vote for him, I do want to thank him. He is creating a seismic shift in the Republican Party and its political platform, and, in some respects, it’s for the best.

Jeffrey Reel: Abortion In A Democracy

Sep 20, 2015

 “Pro Life,” “Pro Choice,” “Right to Life,” “Freedom of Choice.”

Jeffrey Reel : Resistance to Change

Apr 20, 2014

Why are we not fully embracing, and running with, clean, renewable technologies? One reason is because of white fogies like me. Let me explain.

Let’s start with a quiz:  Can you identify the following country?  It must satisfy all of the following criteria:

1.  It is the world’s leading manufacturer, and exporter, of airplanes, automobiles, appliances, weapons and steel.

Jeffrey Reel: Evolution, Technology, and Energy

Mar 7, 2013

During its first weeks of formation, a chick is provided with all the nutrition it requires inside its shell. As it develops, though, the chick eventually exhausts its supply of fuel and begins pecking around in search for more, thus creating an opening in the shell and giving birth to itself. This is what Buckminster Fuller describes as “precession” when animals, seemingly inadvertently, but by nature’s design, are led to the next stage in their evolution.