Jim condos

Vt Secretary Of State Starting 'Transparency Tour'

Nov 4, 2013

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos is launching what he's calling his second "Got Transparency" tour to talk about changes in the state's open meeting and public records law.

The first of the meetings will be held today in Hartford. In all, there will be meeting in 10 towns.

The meetings are to discuss Vermont's public records and open meeting laws with municipal and state employees, citizens serving on local government boards and the general public.

Vermont Secretary of State's office

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos has been elected to an office with the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos says he wants to require that city and town clerks report election results to his office on election night.

At the same time, Condos says he wants to streamline other steps in the reporting process to make it easier for clerks.

Condos said Tuesday marked the second part of a three-part test this year: He asked clerks to report results to his office in the March presidential primary, the state primary and on the night of the general election coming up in November.