John King Jr.

New York state is losing its education commissioner, as John King takes a job with the Obama Administration. King was in charge of school policies during a tumultuous time, and he admits there are things he might have done better.

John King Jr. is stepping down as New York's education commissioner for a post in the Obama administration.

The movement to put the brakes on the national education standards known as the Common Core is gaining momentum across New York State.

Some are calling for a one-year delay while others want a two-year hold on using Common Core-based tests to evaluate teachers and place students. And there are those on the fringe calling for more drastic measures including completely eliminating the tests or withdrawing New York entirely from the standards.

  The New York State Education Commissioner testified at a legislative budget hearing, where he once again heard complaints from concerned lawmakers on the fast track adoption of the new national Common Core standards.

Lawmakers, calling the roll out of Common Core  a “nightmare” and a “mistake,"  grilled  State Education Commissioner John King and asked for more time for the adoption of the new federal standards.

Speaker Silver Urges Delay Of NY Student Database

Dec 20, 2013

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has sent a letter to New York Education Commissioner John King Jr. saying the department should hold off on transferring sensitive student information to a new statewide database.

The letter, also signed by nearly 50 Assembly Democrats, says the lawmakers were swayed by testimony about potential flaws in the plan to share data with Atlanta-based InBloom.

Opponents say it's too risky to store student data in servers in the so-called cloud, accessed through the Internet.

NY Regents Recommend School Aid Increase

Dec 17, 2013

A Board of Regents subcommittee has voted to recommend a $1.3 billion dollar increase in state aid for New York schools next year, along with fairer funding for high-needs districts and bigger investments in universal pre-kindergarten programs and teacher training.

The recommendations announced Monday are expected to be approved by the full board and sent to the state Legislature.


Striving to maintain an open dialog on Common Core, the state Education Department is reportedly working on developing a new format  for Commissioner John King's town hall-style discussions, which he cancelled after one in Poughkeepsie erupted in anger and frustration.  

Lawmakers Want Education Forums Rescheduled

Oct 17, 2013

New York Education Commissioner John King Jr.'s office is looking at alternative ways to engage with parents about education reforms after canceling a series of forums following a raucous meeting in Poughkeepsie.

A department spokesman says Wednesday that the office is working with the PTA but has yet to schedule anything.