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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s commission to study tax cuts appears likely to miss the Friday deadline to report its findings by December 6, after controversy over former Governor George Pataki’s desire to cut income taxes for all wage earners, including the wealthy. 

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One of the most controversial recommendations in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission report released this week is to enact public financing of campaigns for statewide elections.

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Advocates and lawmakers at the Capitol are reacting to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission report. It offers scathing criticism of what the commission says is a corrupt culture in Albany, and recommends numerous reforms.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission is meeting Monday for the final time and is expected to issue a report this week (as early as Tuesday).

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Today is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout, an effort begun by anti-cancer groups nearly four decades ago to help people quit smoking. This year the Cancer Society in New York is using the day to call attention to a decline in state spending on anti-smoking programs.

New York State’s Education Commissioner, John King, faced a bi-partisan grilling by liberal and conservative Assemblymembers at a hearing on growing concerns over student privacy.

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Taxes and tax reform are likely to be a major topic in the next legislative session, which begins in seven weeks. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is relying on two separate commissions for ideas about tax changes, while progressive groups and Republicans in the State Senate are also weighing in.

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A landowners group says it intends to file a lawsuit against what it says are the Cuomo Administration’s unreasonable delays on hydrofracking before the end of the year.

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A coalition of unions and government reform groups are calling for a ban on standardized testing for New York’s school  children in second grade and younger.

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New York State’s Teacher of the Year testified at a Senate hearing that even she could not receive high marks in her teacher evaluation process, due to what she and others say is the dysfunctional implementation of  the new Common Core standards.

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Advocacy groups are encouraged by recent statements by the co- chair of New York State Governor  Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission, who says he now favors public financing of political campaigns.

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Now that this year’s elections are over, the political world is gearing up for the 2014 contests.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to seek another term, and so far no one has officially said that they will run against him. 

Now that elections are over, deadlines for the state budget are rapidly approaching. New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has released a largely positive budget outlook for the New Year, though he warns of some uncertainties.

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A coalition of women’s groups is relaunching the Women’s Equality Act, which failed in the legislature earlier this year, with a new strategy that they say could help them win passage in 2014.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did not lose any time in publicizing a win on a gambling expansion amendment in Tuesday’s voting. The governor made two public appearances in regions that are now authorized to build resort style casinos.

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Two of the six amendments on Tuesday’s ballot deal with land swaps in New York’s Adirondack Park. One of the proposals has split environmental groups.


A proposal on Tuesday’s ballot would raise the retirement age for some New York judges from 70 to age 80. Supporters include the state’s 68 year old chief judge, while opponents say the measure is too flawed to be approved. 

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission held another hearing Monday evening focusing on reforming the state’s campaign finance system.  A reform group is out with a report that they say raises questions about five million dollars spent on lobbying and donations by the pharmaceutical industry.

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A reform group is asking New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission to probe cash donations to state lawmakers by the pharmaceutical industry, to find out if there’s a connection with some pro-consumer bills dying in legislative committees.

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Governor Cuomo and his Lieutenant Governor, Robert Duffy, offered high praise for one another during an event at the Capitol Monday. As Karen DeWitt reports, their remarks come as questions are raised about the Lieutenant governors’ political future.

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A proposal on the November ballot to allow some judges to serve until they are 80 years old is not drawing a lot of support, and one court expert says that’s a shame.

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The first ad is out promoting the ballot amendment to build new casinos in New York.  It focuses on the benefits the casinos might bring, and not on actual gambling activity.

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A report by New York State’s Comptroller Tom DiNapoli finds that the dysfunction in Washington may take a bite out of Wall Street profits for the remainder of this year.

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A new poll finds that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is well positioned to win re-election next year, but there are some weaknesses in the governor’s generally positive numbers.

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An anti-corruption commission appointed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has deepened its investigations in recent days. The probes come as Cuomo came increasingly under fire, accused of trying to control the panel and even suppress some subpoenas.

A New York State Supreme Court judge threw out a lawsuit challenging the wording of a November ballot amendment to expand gambling in New York . Opponents say they will appeal.

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A Binghamton Assemblywoman who is on the Cuomo’s Administration’s hydro fracking advisory panel is asking for a do over of an ongoing heath review, saying the secretive process has compromised public confidence.

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News reports in recent days portray New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Act Commission on corruption as possibly going off the rails. Government reform groups say they are concerned and want some answers.


Another anti-gambling group has released a study debunking New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s and the legislature’s claims about the benefits of permitting more casino gambling in the state.

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A budget watchdog group says New York’s new 10-year plan of how it will spend over $174 billion in road and bridge and numerous other projects lacks transparency.

Governor Cuomo’s Administration, for the first time, has compiled a list of all of the state improvement projects projected for the next 10 years, for a total estimated cost of $174.4 billion.

A press release issued earlier this year billed the new Capital Plan as an achievement that “modernizes and rebuilds the state’s infrastructure, grows the economy and creates jobs."