Katie Britton

William Joyce - The Numberlys

Sep 8, 2014

William Joyce enchanted people of all ages with his Academy Award winning animated short The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, and captured children’s imaginations with his Emmy award winning animated Disney Channel series, based on his books, Rolie Polie Olie. Needles to say, Joyce brings magic to any medium he works with. His newest project is The Numberlys.

Anna Schumacher - End Times

Sep 3, 2014

When we think about the beginning of the end, Wyoming doesn’t seem like it would be at the epicenter. But in Anna Schumacher’s End Times, a small oil boom town in Carbon County, Wyoming is where it all starts. The signs have begun, a prophet is coming, and the battle before The Rapture is beginning to take shape.

Chris Weitz - The Young World

Aug 29, 2014

Chris Weitz has been entertaining teens for years with his movies American Pie, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and About A Boy. Now he’s turned his attention to fiction, and his new book is The Young World.

Marissa Meyer - Cress

Aug 22, 2014

When Marissa Meyer debuted the first Lunar Chronicles novel, she took everything we thought we know about the fairytales of our childhood, and turned them upside down. Set in a futuristic world, the colonies are about declare war with the Moon and our Red Riding Hood and Cinderella characters are no longer damsels in distress, but emerging leaders of the resistance. The newest novel, and character in the series, is Cress, and she’s been locked in a satellite orbiting the earth for most of her life.

Kat Rosenfield - Inland

Aug 19, 2014

Have you ever felt the pull to a particular place? In Kat Rosenfield’s novel Inland, our main character Callie, and all the women in her family, feel an unexplained pull to the ocean. We also learn that the further from the coast she travels, the sicker she becomes. The book is part fantasy, but with a sound foundation of realism, and Rosefield weaves a tragically beautiful tale that keeps the reader coming back for more.

Veronica Roth - Allegiant

Aug 18, 2014

When Veronica Roth began writing in her dorm room at Northwestern University, she had no idea that a year after graduating college she’d be a New York Times best seller, and have a multi-platform franchise. The novel that made it all happen was Divergent. Since then, Roth has finished the trilogy, seen the first movie hit the silver screens with Golden Globe & SAG nominee Shailene Woodly as our heroine, and written a companion novel, Four: A Divergent Collection.

Programming Notes: August 2014

Jul 31, 2014

Deep in the heart of Tanglewood...

When I was about 9 years old my best friend’s family took me to Tanglewood for the first time. I remember Rachel’s mother showing us the echo bench, and how we would divulge our secrets on one end to have it heard on the other, throwing us into fits of giggles and solemn promises to keep them safe. We would then take off running, on the endless sprawling lawns, only to find our way back to the bench again. I remember how thrilled I was that the Pops knew the song that Looney Tunes used in their commercials. (Later I was to deduce, it wasn’t that they were so pop-culture savvy to know what Bugs Bunny knew, but Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik had been around much longer.)

Emmy Laybourne - Monument 14: Savage Drift

Jul 11, 2014

Three years ago, Emmy Laybourne debuted her heart pounding trilogy Monument 14, where 14 kids and teens sought refuge in a Big Box store as the world outside was being ripped apart by violent storms, and a release of chemicals that targeted their blood types – making some blood thirsty killers, while rendering others sterile, or severely paranoid.

Programming Notes: July 2014

Jun 30, 2014

Fireworks for your listening pleasure.

Hello, WAMC Land!  This month we have a great line-up for the 4th, but before I get to that, we do have one change in programming. You may have noticed that on Friday 6/27, Marketplace Money was called Marketplace Weekend. No, you weren’t going crazy… it’s supposed to be that way. The Marketplace crew has revamped the show for your listening pleasure and will deliver on their core content coverage area of business and economic news.  They’ll be adding more technology coverage, a wrap-up and analysis of the week's "Numbers," interesting interviews and maintaining the strong and distinctive approach to personal finance and investing that has always been a hallmark of Marketplace Money. Lizzy O’Leary will continue to host the program. Please note that now our Friday at 9PM show will be the first airing, and the repeat will air Sunday mornings at 7AM.

Jeff Guinn - Glorious

Jun 26, 2014

Jeff Guinn has captivated readers with his historical fiction novels, The Autobiography of Santa Claus, and Go Down to Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde, as well as his nonfiction work on Charles Manson, and the OK Corral. Now in his newest historical fiction trilogy, beginning with Glorious, Guinn takes a look at the silver prospectors of the late 1800’s in the Arizona territory.