Katie Britton

Peter Trachtenberg - Another Insane Devotion

Mar 6, 2013

Cat owners know you don’t own the animal, but the animal owns you. People know that cats are independent, aloof, and certainly don’t care whether or not you’re freezing while holding the door open waiting for them to come back inside. But on the other hand, it’s why we love cats, personify them, and use them as means to define our relationships. Okay, maybe not all of us do the last thing, but Peter Trachtenberg has. In his memoir Another Insane Devotion we see how he tackles his love of cats and persons.

Marie Lu - Prodigy

Mar 5, 2013
Paul Gregory

In Marie Lu’s book Legend, she created a dystopian world there the United States fractured in two, and a plague ravaged the upper half. Our heroes Day and June narrowly escaped with their lives, but the body count behind them continues to climb. Now Lu has finished the second in the trilogy, Prodigy, and we’re on the run with Day & June as they find their way to the opposition and begin to face their demons.

Marissa Meyer - Scarlet

Feb 15, 2013

When Marissa Meyer created the fairytale Lunar Chronicles with her first book Cinder – an android version of Cinderella destined to overthrow the evil queen in a sci-fi society, she blew readers away. Now she’s finished the second book, Scarlet, and we travel from New Beijing to France where our Red Riding Hood is on a desperate search for her Grandmother, the Big Bad Wolf, is big, bad and hot, and everyone is vulnerable to the Lunars.

Stefan Bachmann - The Peculiar

Feb 13, 2013

Stefan Bachmann has been named one of the Huffington Post’s 18 Under 18: List Of The Most Amazing Young People Of The Year in 2012, which included Malala Yousafzai, and Gabby Douglas. And it’s with good reason; he’s accomplished an incredible amount in his 19 years. Not only did he have his first book, The Peculiar published, but he also wrote a symphony to accompany it, and attends the Zurich Conservatory in Switzerland.  WAMC's Katie Britton spoke with Bachmann about the novel, and his accomplishments.

Natasha Solomons - The House at Tyneford

Jan 28, 2013

In Natasha Solomons’ novel The House at Tyneford, we’re brought into the Downtown Abbey-esque

upstairs/downstairs world of England at the beginning of World War II. Our main character Elise escapes Nazi occupied Vienna to Tyneford as a parlor maid, and we see the barriers begin to crumble between the floors, and how the small town and house hold struggles to stay afloat.

Abigail Dodge - Mini Treats & Hand-Held Sweets

Jan 16, 2013
Abby Dodge

There’s just something about having that perfect single serving of sweet goodness in a neat package, like a cupcake. But if you’re sick of the same old cupcakes and cookies, and want to add some spice to your desserts, we have the perfect cookbook for you. Abigail Johnson Dodge has created some delectable recipes for her book Mini Treats & Hand-held Sweets.

Jack Bishop - The Science of Good Cooking

Jan 14, 2013

In the past decade a resurgence has occurred in the family home, as more people have become foodies and broadened their palates as they experiment with newly available ingredients. Jack Bishop is the editorial  director of America’s Test Kitchen, and has helped put together everything we’ve wanted to know about The Science of Good Cooking to make sure those newly tweaked recipes are up to snuff. WAMC's Katie Britton spoke about the new cookbook, and how just because he’s an editorial director, doesn’t means he’s not hands-on in the kitchen.

John Green - The Fault in Our Stars

Dec 27, 2012

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars debuted at number one on the NYT Best-sellers list for Children’s chapter books, and has held firm in the last year - and rightly so. It’s soul baring and tear inducing, yet wickedly funny as our characters Hazel and Augustus, confront living with cancer and make the best of their circumstances. WAMC's Katie Britton spoke with Green about the novel, and why their story needed to be told.

Ally Condie - Reached

Nov 16, 2012

In 2010, Ally Condie captivated readers with her New York Times bestselling dystopian novel Matched – the first in a trilogy. In it, her characters Cassia, Xander and Ky discovered the highly controlling Society wasn’t what it proclaimed to be, and began their search for freedom and love.

The second novel Crossed, brought us to the outskirts of the Society, as Cassia and Ky searched for each other and the rebellion, in the hopes of finally being together, and getting answers to their many questions.

Guitarist Jimmy Herring

Nov 15, 2012

American Guitar Hero, stunning jazz/rock virtuoso, musician's musician, and a note-mongering master - those are some of the praises sung by fans and reviewers of guitarist Jimmy Herring.