The Kinks

The album cover for Open Road
Open Road

Family has been a key component in Dave Davies' career. A founding member of the The Kinks and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Davies and his brother Ray created some of rock’s most influential music despite  — or perhaps because of — their decades-long tempestuous relationship. Now, after recovering from a stroke that forced him to relearn to play guitar, Dave Davies has a new album — this time with his son, electronic musician Russ Davies. Open Road is a nine-track album made up of a variety of sounds, including rock, pop, and electronica.

Rock legend Ray Davies was already facing transitions in his personal and professional life in 2004, when, one week after being named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth, he was shot in the leg during a mugging in New Orleans. Davies had come to New Orleans in a search for musical authenticity and a compass for his personal life. Instead, he found himself a violent crime victim and anchored to a bed for weeks.