Lake George

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Over the past three decades, the amount of salt in Lake George has tripled. The reason is road salt applied to surfaces throughout the surrounding watershed.

The body of a drowning victim in Lake George was recovered by divers Saturday afternoon.

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A 24-year-old man has been charged with leaving the scene of a boat crash that killed an 8-year-old girl from Carlsbad, California who was vacationing at Lake George in the southern Adirondacks.

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Note: The Warren County Sheriff's office has corrected the age of the victim as 8, not 9, as initially announced.

On Monday evening, a boating crash claimed the life of  9-year-old Charlotte McCue of California. Her mother was also injured in the crash.

The Lake George Alumni and Community Task Force is being put together to investigate construction work done at the high school in the 80s and 90s. What first began several months ago as a Facebook group of concerned residents is now forming into an organization that plans to investigate a possible link between the work and health effects described by former students and staff members.

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The Lake George Park Commission has released a recreation report for the lake that draws thousands of swimmers, paddlers, and boaters every year.

WAMC's Lucas Willard spoke with the Commission's Executive Director Dave Wick about what's happening on the Adirondack lake.

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has announced the temporary closure of its Lake George Boat Launch.

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For the last two years, all boats entering Lake George have had to meet three requirements: they must be cleaned, drained, and dry. If not, boaters are sent to a washing station free of charge.

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A preservation group has purchased 836 acres near Lake George in the southeastern Adirondacks for eventual sale to New York state for incorporation into the Adirondack Forest Preserve.

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The scenic highway that winds up Prospect Mountain overlooking Lake George in the southeastern Adirondacks is extending its hours and waiving fees this weekend to honor Veterans Day.

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A range of stakeholders from the private public sectors are set to gather Monday at the SAVE Lake George Partnership's  First Annual Salt Summit, an event focused on reversing the rising levels of salt in the Adirondack Lake.

WAMC's Lucas Willard spoke with Eric Siy, Executive Director of the FUND for Lake George, about the event.

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Nearly 300 French and Indian War re-enactors are expected to participate in weekend battle re-enactments being staged along the shores of Lake George in the southern Adirondacks.

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The communities along Lake George depend on summer. And this time of year, the miles of inns and hotels along the lake are filling up.

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More than three dozen people are hitting the waters of a popular Adirondack lake to search for an aquatic invasive species that can adversely impact water quality.

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According to the Warren County Sheriff's Office, emergency officials responded to a call at approximately 8:17  Saturday evening about a missing swimmer near the Sheppard's Park area of Lake George.

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One key tourist town in our region says a new fireworks law is a dud. The Village of Lake George is pushing Warren County to reconsider participating in New York’s law allowing small fireworks. Meanwhile, other communities across the state may face their own challenges.

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The Lake George Village Board is calling for Warren County supervisors to repeal legislation allowing the sale of small fireworks.

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New York state has bought a more than 1,400-acre nature preserve to protect water quality in Lake George and a major tributary.

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A ceremony is being held on Memorial Day at the grave that a New York historical group says contains the oldest known remains of unknown soldiers in the United States.

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With Memorial Day weekend approaching, the mayor of Lake George is predicting a strong start to the summer tourist season.

Ground has been broken for a new hotel in a popular summertime Adirondack tourist town that's hoping to become a year-round destination.

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This spring will mark the beginning of a second season of Lake George’s mandatory boat inspection program. Lake George Park Commission Executive Director Dave Wick said 2014 was a successful first year.

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The Lake George Land Conservancy, based in Bolton Landing, is one of several groups dedicated to protecting Lake George. Recently the organization announced Jamie Brown would take the helm after the retirement of former Executive Director Nancy Williams.

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The Warren County legislature has given its “full support” to Lake George Park Commission Executive Director David Wick, who has been placed on administrative leave after an effort by the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration to remove him.

Cuomo administration spokesman Rich Azzopardi told the Glens Falls Post Star this week that Wick failed to report a 1-gallon gas spill that occurred over the summer.

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Lake George, New York Mayor Robert Blais has held office since 1971, and is the second-longest serving mayor in the U.S.

Recently, he finished a memoir titled A View from the Top, filled with writings recounting his four decades in office.

WAMC's Lucas Willard caught up with Blais to talk about his career, his book, and a changing community.

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Divers on Lake George are attempting to remove a cache of 19th century munitions discovered at the bottom of the lake.

Earlier this week, some divers in Lake George reported an interesting find to the Warren County Sheriff’s office.

According to Undersheriff Shawn Lamouree, the divers found wooden crates in about 65 feet of water on the eastern side of the lake, near the Mother Bunch islands.

“They brought one of the cases into shore, they opened it up, and they found that it contained munitions – shell casings.”

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At the annual meeting of the Lake George Association, those working with the civic group reported on the past year’s conservation efforts on one of the region’s most valuable natural assets.

At 78-years old, Mayor Robert Blais is currently the second-longest serving mayor in New York. He has held office for 43 years, since being elected in  1971.

The Glens Falls Post-Star reports Blais  is uncertain about whether he’d want to complete another full four-year-term, but said ,“Right now, I’m in a frame of mind that I’d like to continue.”

Lake George Association

Advocates for Lake George are taking steps to monitor and prevent the spread of an invasive species along the lakeshore that could threaten native butterfly populations. 

Kristen Rohne, Education Coordinatior for the Lake George Association, said while her organization was checking on a native-plant buffer garden at the Rainbow Beach Homeowners Association in the Town of Bolton, a homeowner asked her team to take a closer look at a plant he hadn’t seen before, growing along the shoreline.

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The Fourth of July weekend is an important economic boon for one of upstate New York’s most popular vacation destinations.

Michael Consuelo, Executive Director of the Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce, said Thursday afternoon, if you want to drive into town on Route 9, you’ll be sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

“It’s very promising, a lot of folks on the street, Million Dollar Beach is pretty crowded. We’re getting ready for a very busy weekend and it seems like some folks have really taken advantage of this nice weather,” said Consuelo.