Lake George

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Lake George, New York Mayor Robert Blais has held office since 1971, and is the second-longest serving mayor in the U.S.

Recently, he finished a memoir titled A View from the Top, filled with writings recounting his four decades in office.

WAMC's Lucas Willard caught up with Blais to talk about his career, his book, and a changing community.

Lucas Willard

Divers on Lake George are attempting to remove a cache of 19th century munitions discovered at the bottom of the lake.

Earlier this week, some divers in Lake George reported an interesting find to the Warren County Sheriff’s office.

According to Undersheriff Shawn Lamouree, the divers found wooden crates in about 65 feet of water on the eastern side of the lake, near the Mother Bunch islands.

“They brought one of the cases into shore, they opened it up, and they found that it contained munitions – shell casings.”

Lucas Willard

At the annual meeting of the Lake George Association, those working with the civic group reported on the past year’s conservation efforts on one of the region’s most valuable natural assets.

At 78-years old, Mayor Robert Blais is currently the second-longest serving mayor in New York. He has held office for 43 years, since being elected in  1971.

The Glens Falls Post-Star reports Blais  is uncertain about whether he’d want to complete another full four-year-term, but said ,“Right now, I’m in a frame of mind that I’d like to continue.”

Lake George Association

Advocates for Lake George are taking steps to monitor and prevent the spread of an invasive species along the lakeshore that could threaten native butterfly populations. 

Kristen Rohne, Education Coordinatior for the Lake George Association, said while her organization was checking on a native-plant buffer garden at the Rainbow Beach Homeowners Association in the Town of Bolton, a homeowner asked her team to take a closer look at a plant he hadn’t seen before, growing along the shoreline.

Lucas Willard

The Fourth of July weekend is an important economic boon for one of upstate New York’s most popular vacation destinations.

Michael Consuelo, Executive Director of the Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce, said Thursday afternoon, if you want to drive into town on Route 9, you’ll be sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

“It’s very promising, a lot of folks on the street, Million Dollar Beach is pretty crowded. We’re getting ready for a very busy weekend and it seems like some folks have really taken advantage of this nice weather,” said Consuelo.


On May 15th, the Lake George Park Commission’s mandatory inspection program for boats and trailers will begin. This week, the Park Commission began training the inspectors that will be working to prevent invasive species from entering the lake.

WAMC’s Southern Adirondack Bureau Chief Lucas Willard spoke with Park Commission executive director David Wick about the training and the inspection program.

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In a letter penned by Lake George Mayor Robert Blais on behalf of the Stop Aquatic Invasives From Entering Lake George Partnership to the office of Governor Andrew Cuomo, the governor received high marks on his attention to work helping protect the Adirondack lake.

WAMC/Pat Bradley

The Lake George Park Commission has adopted final rules requiring boat inspections to prevent introduction of invasive species in Lake George.

WAMC/Pat Bradley

New York archaeologists say they've uncovered 10,000-year-old American Indian artifacts at the site of an improvement project at a popular state-owned beach in the southern Adirondacks.