NYS Assembly

The legislature returns next Tuesday for the final push in a session that ends in late June. Government reformers say with a burgeoning scandal involving potential violations of campaign limits in Democratic Senate races in 2014, and the scheduled sentencing of the two former leaders of the legislature in early May, it’s time to focus on ethics fixes.

WAMC/Pat Bradley

The Vermont Legislature wants feedback on its legislative website and suggestions for improving it.

Governor Cuomo has touted the recently concluded legislative session as “one of the most successful in modern political history”.  As Karen DeWitt reports, the session also made history in another way. It featured the fewest bills passed by both houses in nearly one hundred years.  Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports…  

According to an analysis by the New York Public Interest Research Group, the 2012 session resulted in 571 pieces of legislation approved by both houses of the legislature.  

A key Connecticut lawmaker says efforts to enact state legislation requiring labeling of genetically modified food died in the face of threatened lawsuits by food producers. WAMC’s Lucas Willard reports…

Representative Richard Roy, the House chairman of the Environment Committee, said Thursday that he unsuccessfully lobbied House Speaker Christopher Donovan and Governor Dannel P. Malloy. The legislation got no further than his committee.