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Living Wage Week is being observed in western Massachusetts.

The New York budget deal came down to the final minutes before the deadline in Albany, and in the “Fight for $15,” upstate will be capped at $12.50.

Buffalo and Rochester are moving to raise the minimum wage of municipal employees to $15 an hour as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's push to raise the wage floor for all workers. 

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The battle to raise the wage in New York continues.  Franchise owners have filed formal objections to Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to raise the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15, a prelude to a possible lawsuit.

New York Wage Board

The three members of a state board meeting in Albany to consider minimum wage increases for New York's fast-food workers say salaries should rise, though they haven't immediately determined how high and when.

The Fight For 15 campaign could see results today. The board considering a minimum wage increase for New York's fast-food workers has begun public deliberations on the issue.

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Protesters in Albany have joined a national push today called “Fight for 15,” as workers and activists demand higher pay at low-wage jobs. The workers and labor unions want a federal minimum wage of $15.

Albany workers are part of a worldwide mobilization for a wage that meets basic needs.

Nationwide protests kicked-off just after 6 a.m. in New York City outside the Flatbush Avenue McDonald's in Brooklyn - and an hour later at the Holland Avenue McDonald's in Albany.  


When it comes to bringing home the bacon, some women in the Capital Region are doing it better than men –  

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More than 40 business owners and chamber of commerce executives from New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley announced their support Monday for Governor Andrew Cuomo's push to raise the state minimum wage to $10.50. 

The current $8.75-an-hour minimum wage will go to $9 at year's end. The Democratic governor wants to raise it to $10.50 statewide and $11.50 in New York City.

Economic inequality and minimum wage are becoming increasingly discussed topics during these turbulent economic times.

Chris Fee, professor of English at Gettysburg College, asks what constitutes a living wage?

Dr. Christopher Fee is a professor and chair of the Department of English at Gettysburg College. Fee has published numerous articles and has given conference presentations on many interdisciplinary topics. He earned his PhD in English at the University of Glasgow.

Massachusetts State Senate President Therese Murray last week raised the possibility of a debate in the legislature this year on raising the state’s minimum wage. Noting that both New York and Maine plan to raise their minimum wages, Murray said there is a growing gap between the $8 per hour minimum wage and a living wage in Massachusetts.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with Kitty Callaghan, a member of the Living Wage Western Massachusetts steering committee.

There is debate currently in several states including Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut about raising the minimum wage. A group in one western Massachusetts city is pushing for what it calls a “living wage” WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.