Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer - Winter

Jan 4, 2016

It’s been four years since Marissa Meyer turned the fairytale world upside down with her dystopian sci-fi novel Cinder – the first of The Lunar Chronicles -  where a young girl who is part android, must outwit her evil step mother, help find the cure to a pandemic, and make sure her 'one & only' doesn’t marry the evil queen.

Marissa Meyer - Scarlet

Feb 15, 2013

When Marissa Meyer created the fairytale Lunar Chronicles with her first book Cinder – an android version of Cinderella destined to overthrow the evil queen in a sci-fi society, she blew readers away. Now she’s finished the second book, Scarlet, and we travel from New Beijing to France where our Red Riding Hood is on a desperate search for her Grandmother, the Big Bad Wolf, is big, bad and hot, and everyone is vulnerable to the Lunars.

Marissa Meyer - Cinder

Jul 23, 2012

It’s a fairy tale we all know well: a fairy godmother, step sisters, and a prince. But what if you throw in a little sci-fi, and Cinderella is part cyborg? Marissa Meyer’s inventive mind has done just that and it takes the classic tale to a whole new level with her novel Cinder.