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As the Massachusetts House begins debate today on a proposed $38 billion state budget, advocates for homeless individuals are lobbying for more funding.  The major service provider for the homeless in western Massachusetts says it is being shortchanged because the state money is not equitably distributed.  

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Massachusetts State Senator Ben Downing says he looking into how Governor Charlie Baker is proposing to close a $1.8 billion budget shortfall with savings in the state’s health program. The Pittsfield Democrat is keeping an eye out for any area impacts following last year’s closure of North Adams Regional Hospital.

A day after the Massachusetts House approved a bill to close a projected $768 million state budget shortfall, the Massachusetts Senate quickly followed suit. The Senate passed the measure on a voice vote Thursday.

The Democratic-controlled Massachusetts House has approved a plan aimed at closing a state budget shortfall that Republican Governor Charlie Baker has estimated at $768 million.

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has outlined more than $500 million in cuts the Republican believes will help close a $768 million budget gap. The Democratic Senate plans to drill down on those recommendations.

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Governor Charlie Baker says an agency-by-agency review has found a mid-fiscal year budget gap totaling $765 million, but is yet to detail exactly how he will address it. 

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has announced the state is facing a significant mid-fiscal year budget gap.  The announcement raises the likelihood of cuts to state services as the Republican governor begins his term.

        Baker said an agency-by-agency analysis has led his administration to calculate the state is facing a budget deficit of $765 million. He vowed Tuesday to work with his cabinet and the Democratic leadership of the state legislature to quickly fix the problem.

      Baker claims the shortfall is a result of the state spending too much.

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Gov. Charlie Baker says Massachusetts is facing a $765 million budget deficit.

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has announced his first steps toward closing a budget gap he believes exceeds a half billion dollars.

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15,000 municipal jobs have been eliminated in Massachusetts since 2007. The state’s cities and towns have cut the total workforce by 6 percent. In a new report released this morning, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation says municipalities are in a financial squeeze because of rising pension costs and increased debt.   WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with taxpayer’s foundation president Michael Widmer.