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The presidential primaries in Massachusetts may have wrapped up more than a month ago, but state Republicans still have a role to play in how the commonwealth will factor into choosing the GOP nominee.

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In a typical year, the selection of delegates to the Republican National Convention is of little interest outside the party faithful. But, this year has been far from typical.

Massachusetts Republicans are struggling with fallout from the state party convention. The convention in late March, as expected, overwhelmingly endorsed Charlie Baker for governor.   But, Tea Party candidate Mark Fisher claims he was wrongly denied a chance to challenge Baker for the nomination.  He’s filed suit against the party alleging rules and delegate vote counts were manipulated so that he would not get the required 15 percent of the delegate’s votes to be certified for the primary ballot. 

Massachusetts Republicans hold a convention in Boston on Saturday to endorse candidates for statewide office.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with state Republican Party Chair Kirsten Hughes.  

A 22-year veteran of the Massachusetts Legislature is stepping down to take a post in the administration at Westfield State University.  It will mean the Republican minority on Beacon Hill will become even smaller. 

   Republican State Senator Michael Knapik of Westfield is going to resign this Friday and begin work next Monday in a newly created position at Westfield State University.   Knapik said he will work closely with the university president and the Westfield State Foundation board in advancing the university’s mission.