Massachusetts sales tax

Shoppers in Massachusetts can look forward to a sales tax holiday later this month. The Massachusetts legislature in the closing minutes of the legislative session last week set the sales tax-free shopping days for August 16 and 17.

The sales tax holiday was included in a comprehensive economic development bill that contains dozens of programs and incentives designed to create jobs. State  Senator Gale Candaras  of  Wilbraham, who helped write the bill, acknowledges there is scant evidence the sales tax holiday does much to grow the Massachusetts economy.

Mass. GOP Lawmakers Push Repeal Of 'Tech Tax'

Sep 9, 2013

Republican lawmakers will be unveiling a bill that would repeal Massachusetts' new sales tax on computer and software services.

Republican House Leader Bradley Jones of North Reading and Senate GOP Leader Bruce Tarr of Gloucester are planning a Monday afternoon press conference at the digital marketing firm Genuine Interactive in Boston.

The bill filing follows a series of discussions held by GOP lawmakers with technology industry professionals and representatives from local chambers of commerce.