Massachusetts State Senator James Welch

Lobby of the UMass Medical School-Baystate Health campus

A $1 million earmark in the Massachusetts state budget is aimed at creating a pipeline of primary care physicians to rural and urban areas of western Massachusetts where there is a severe shortage of doctors.

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Massachusetts Senate leaders have proposed a comprehensive health care reform bill that looks to rein in prescription drug prices and hospital costs.  

The legislation was produced by a group of Senators led by State Senator James Welch of West Springfield.

They spent the last year looking at what other states have tried and talking with stakeholders.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with Welch.

   A bill to overhaul the voter-approved marijuana law in Massachusetts is on Governor Charlie Baker’s desk.  With his expected signature, the clock will start ticking toward legal retail marijuana sales in Massachusetts beginning in less than one year.

      A divided legislative committee today voted on a bill that would make extensive changes to the voter-approved marijuana law in Massachusetts.

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      A legislative committee that is considering changes to the voter approved law legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts is holding a public hearing today in West Springfield.

   Adults in Massachusetts can legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and even grow up to a dozen plants at home.  But, it may be a while before people can go to a store in their neighborhood to purchase pot products.

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      Policymakers in Massachusetts are looking for ways to reduce the state’s high health care costs.

   The Massachusetts legislature meets this weekend on Beacon Hill where lawmakers face a glut of bills and a Sunday night deadline.

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Eight Massachusetts State Senators are on a fact-finding trip in Colorado to look into the legalization of marijuana ahead of a possible voter referendum. 

Massachusetts voters in 2012 legalized medical marijuana. A question to legalize it for recreational use is expected to appear on the state election ballot this November.

         Marijuana was legalized in Colorado two years ago.  

State Senator James Welch of West Springfield is a member of the delegation visiting Colorado and he spoke  Wednesday  with WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill.