Facebook: William Rowback For Mayor

Republican primary winner Bill Rowback Jr. defeated incumbent Republican Mayor Dayton King, 54 to 45 percent.

Facebook: Dan Hall For Mayor

Democrat Dan Hall has won the race for mayor of Glens Falls, NY. Hall won with a resounding majority, garnering 64.67 percent of the vote. Hall was elected with 1,911 more votes than Republican Tim Guy.

    Shocking new revelations about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, his family and associates by the Toronto Star reporter who has closely covered Ford’s career.

Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story, by Robyn Doolittle, will chronicle Ford’s ascent from a flamboyant city councillor to a mayor embroiled in controversy.

Shahinfar Tops Domalewicz In Treasurer Primary

Sep 11, 2013

Attorney Darius Shahinfar won the Democratic primary for city treasurer of Albany, New York Tuesday, cruising to what appeared to be a 26-point victory over Democratic rival Gary Domalewicz.

Shahinfar, a close ally of Democratic mayoral primary winner Kathy Sheehan, led the vote late Tuesday 61 to 35 percent. Shahinfar faces no opponent in November's general election.

He says his relationship with Sheehan paves the way for vital cooperation on the city budget. Because of overwhelming party enrollment in Albany, Sheehan is the clear mayoral front-runner.

Former Mayor In Westchester Is Acquitted At Retrial

Jun 23, 2013

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — The ex-mayor of a city in the Hudson Valley has been acquitted at his retrial of domestic violence charges.