Mayor Kathy Sheehan

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Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan marked her first year in office with her State of the City address Wednesday night. The speech mixed a review of 2014’s accomplishments and plans for this year.

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  Police in one Upstate New York city want to be able to access live red light cameras 24/7.The city wants capability to remotely monitor the cameras' live streams at all times.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Albany Medical Center President and CEO James Barba have announced a new development project in the city.

New plans for the old LexisNexis site in North Albany: Albany Med plans to move 300 financial services and warehouse employees to the Broadway building.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan:  "They're bring 300 jobs downtown to a great area of the city that is seeing a lot of growth. They've decided to purchase property and voluntarily keep it on the tax rolls."

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Four state lawmakers are proposing that all police cars in New York be retrofitted with bulletproof glass after two New York City officers were gunned down in their car Saturday.

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The mayors of the tri-cities are on board of an initiative to try to keep the Half Moon replica ship docked locally on the Hudson River.

Built in 1989 by Dr. Andrew Hendricks, The Replica Ship The Half Moon is a working, full-scale model of the Dutch vessel noted explorer Henry Hudson sailed in 1609 when he discovered the river that bears his name.

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A Group lobbying to 'Rebuild NY Now' with state windfall funds brought its campaign to Albany Monday.  Rebuild NY Now is a coalition with a mission: to raise public awareness about the issues impacting New York State's infrastructure, with its eye on $5 billion - described as "unexpected cash" - a “windfall” of revenue from recent settlements against overseas banks to pay for infrastructure upgrades.

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On deadline day, the Albany Common Council passed Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s 2015 budget last night. The proposed $176 million budget was approved by an 11-4 margin. But across the river, city councilors in Troy chose not to bring an amended spending plan to a vote last night.

Albany's budget comes with a 1.4 percent tax hike for taxpayers. It stays under the 2 percent cap, so homeowners will get a full rebate through Governor Cuomo’s tax cap initiative.

The Albany Common Council passed Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s 2015 budget last night. The proposed $176 million budget was approved by an 11-4 margin after some stumbles last week when the Council tabled the vote. The meeting closed a $15 million budget deficit by making more than $5 million in recurring cuts. The mayor’s first budget was approved on deadline day.

Albany Budget Passes

Dec 1, 2014
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Tonight, the City of Albany Common Council passed Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s first city budget, a proposed $176 million budget for 2015.

“This is a fiscally responsible budget that controls taxes, prioritizes public safety, and invests in the future of all our neighborhoods,” Mayor Sheehan said, “and I’d like to thank the Common Council for working together and their overwhelming support of the budget.”

The budget was passed by an 11-4 margin.

In early October, the mayors of Albany and Troy released their 2015 budget proposals. The road from introduction to enactment has been a rocky one for both municipalities.